Courses taught @ NAU
Feminist Media Studies (developed course)
Controversies in Cross-Dressing (developed graduate course)
Feminist Theories                                                                                                                  Introduction to Queer Studies
Women, Gender Identity, and Ethnicity (cross-listed as Ethnic Studies)
Sex, Love, and Romance (developed course)
The Politics of Representation (developed course)
The Intersexed Body in History (developed course)
What is “Gaga Feminism”? (developed course)        

Other courses taught

Cultural Representations of Reproduction and Science                                                            Public Speaking
Media and Popular Representation (developed course)

Teaching honors

Nomination, Social and Behavioral Sciences Teacher of the Year, 2018
Most Influential Faculty Member, Gold Axe Recipient Recognition, Fall 2016

Sample class projects
Design a meme and make it go viral (digital media education project)
WGS 299: Feminist Media Studies (Spring 2018)
project guidelines and examples of student work here
… or search #WGS299_S18 on Twitter!

“The Politics of Queer Representation” class research project
WGS 250: Intro to Queer Studies (Fall 2017)
students’ public education tools (open format)

Wikipedia editing project on feminist fields
WGS 300w: Feminist Theories
(Fall 2017) https://dashboard.wikiedu.org/courses/Northern_Arizona_University/Feminist_Theories_
(Fall 2016)

“The Politics of Bathroom Space” campus bathroom guide and information resource
WGS 250: Intro to Queer Studies (Spring 2017)