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Sexual Violence on TV: First and Foremost It’s Sexual

[warning: this post discusses sexual violence, and also has The Fall and Top of the Lake spoilers!] I just finished The Fall on Netflix. Gillian Anderson’s a kick-ass lead who doesn’t conform to sexual gender norms. Jamie Dornan’s a creepy-handsome Irish … Continue reading

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Yes, There’s Such as a Thing as a “Rape Romance”

*Trigger warning: this post talks about rape culture **Trigger trigger warning: this one is for those academics who are triggered by trigger warnings Last week I was yet again teaching about the horrifically termed—and equally horrific concept—of the “rape romance” … Continue reading

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Something happened in my school community. You likely know what it was.

We are now one of them. One of the educational communities that was targeted by some fucker for a murder-death-kill spree. We are trending on Facebook. A man living in the student-packed Isla Vista community directly adjacent to my university—the … Continue reading

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