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What the Fuck is Wrong With You, HBO’s Game of Thrones?

*Game of Thrones spoilers. Also spoilers about if Donald Trump is sexist. Spoiler: yes* A few days ago, Donald Trump responded to a comment Secretary Clinton made  by emphasizing that she was shouting and shouting wasn’t womanly. This is sexist, obv. I’m … Continue reading

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Sense8: how queer is this queer show?

Controversial. Edgy. “Pushing LGBT.” Full of the “gay agenda.” So says the over 4000 Netflix user reviews about Sense8. I’m sure this show is floating around your queue alongside Master of None and Jessica Jones. Like Master and Jessica, Sense8 is a … Continue reading

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“Now Watch Her Become a Woman…” Sansa and Rape on Game of Thrones

[Warning: discussion of rape, and–clearly–Game of Thrones spoilers] If you’re into pop culture and/or social media, then you have been inundated with commentary about what went down on the last episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.” Specifically, producers … Continue reading

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Sexual Violence on TV: First and Foremost It’s Sexual

[warning: this post discusses sexual violence, and also has The Fall and Top of the Lake spoilers!] I just finished The Fall on Netflix. Gillian Anderson’s a kick-ass lead who doesn’t conform to sexual gender norms. Jamie Dornan’s a creepy-handsome Irish … Continue reading

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The Fosters… or Holy Shit, Even I Can’t Find too Much That’s Problematic With This Show

Why isn’t everyone watching ABC Family’s The Fosters? Or am I the last queer studies/media studies/tv junkie to this game? This show blends my three favorite things: borderline over-the-top domestic drama (romance, scandal, awkward arguments about an adjustable bed), serial … Continue reading

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Lets Do This Thing

Hello, The Saucy Scholar welcomes you! The Saucy Scholar melds two of my most favorite things: intellectual analysis (academic class) with popular  media/people/craziness (pop culture sass). Be sure to bookmark this blog: in the coming weeks, there’s gonna be posts … Continue reading

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