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Why Wouldn’t There Be More Than Two Genders?

“Student Ejected for Telling Prof There are only 2 Genders,” says Fox News segment. Behold a college senior telling Tucker Carlson about being forced to apologize and receive critique from classmates after he insisted there are only two genders. The … Continue reading

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The F word: F is for Feminist. F is for Fuck It.

Today I taught Pamela Aronson’s article on why many women believe in gender equality but really don’t want to identify as a feminist. Its because feminists don’t love men. Besides awesome classes like mine, where do people get ideas about … Continue reading

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Yes, There’s Such as a Thing as a “Rape Romance”

*Trigger warning: this post talks about rape culture **Trigger trigger warning: this one is for those academics who are triggered by trigger warnings Last week I was yet again teaching about the horrifically termed—and equally horrific concept—of the “rape romance” … Continue reading

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You Better Work (that dress code), Bitch!

I went to an all-girls high school with a dress code: verboten were thin-strapped tank tops, shorts or skirts higher than the length of down-stretched fingertips, and leggings/p.j. pants (because ‘you can see everything’). My colleague speculates this dress code … Continue reading

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Something happened in my school community. You likely know what it was.

We are now one of them. One of the educational communities that was targeted by some fucker for a murder-death-kill spree. We are trending on Facebook. A man living in the student-packed Isla Vista community directly adjacent to my university—the … Continue reading

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Lets Do This Thing

Hello, The Saucy Scholar welcomes you! The Saucy Scholar melds two of my most favorite things: intellectual analysis (academic class) with popular  media/people/craziness (pop culture sass). Be sure to bookmark this blog: in the coming weeks, there’s gonna be posts … Continue reading

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