Question o’ the Day: Is Drag Degrading to Women?

Mary Cheney asked why drag queening was acceptable and blackface wasn’t. Then the internet blew up. And RuPaul made a video.

Loyal readers, you may or may not be aware that drag is my jam. And by “my jam,” I mean the subject of my doctoral dissertation. So, wanna know what I think? Check me out talking on Southern California Public Radio’s “Air Talk”!

And just FYI, while I had to keep the language clean–an almost impossible feat for The Saucy Scholar–I did manage to squeeze in a PG rated “genderf-ing.” Enjoy!



About Meredith Heller

The Saucy Scholar is Faculty Lecturer of Queer Studies in Women's and Gender Studies at Northern Arizona University. She holds a Ph.D. in Theater Studies and a doctoral emphasis in Feminist Studies from UC Santa Barbara, and specializes in performance and entertainment, gender studies, and queer theory.
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