Lets Do This Thing

Hello, The Saucy Scholar welcomes you!

The Saucy Scholar melds two of my most favorite things: intellectual analysis (academic class) with popular  media/people/craziness (pop culture sass).

Be sure to bookmark this blog: in the coming weeks, there’s gonna be posts on:

  • Divergent: YA semi-violent love stories, and the trope of the unattractive heroine

I do not get handsy with my students like this.

  • The Hawkeye Initiative: gender-bending counters misogyny?

Is it a fix? Stay tuned!

  • Divergent book to movie, or “did they have to age the guy 6 years and put mascara on The Abnegation?”

Film Abnegation get to wear mascara and show decolletage.

  • What the fuck happened at my school: media, misogyny, and violence.


The Saucy Scholar


About Meredith Heller

The Saucy Scholar is Faculty Lecturer of Queer Studies in Women's and Gender Studies at Northern Arizona University. She holds a Ph.D. in Theater Studies and a doctoral emphasis in Feminist Studies from UC Santa Barbara, and specializes in performance and entertainment, gender studies, and queer theory.
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3 Responses to Lets Do This Thing

  1. This blog is amazing! Who is this amazing wordsmith?!? Just kidding, its still me, The Saucy Scholar.

  2. Karen Nylund-Lieb says:

    I LOVE your big!😍


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